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The Friday Tailgate: Regis, I Want To Ask The Audience.

As usual Doug has a manic/depressive preview of this weekend's game over at Hey Jenny Slater that you should really check in on. It's a great read.

Or perhaps it's not worth your time*, and it only seemed great to me because I was thinking "Whoa, this guy is like, living inside my head, man . . ." I've swung back and forth on this one repeatedly over the week. Seriously, I'm usually completely clueless about what's going on around me. But I usually don't find that out until after the fact. In the moment, I am completely convinced that I have a decent bead on things.

This week, not so much. I got nothing. On the one hand I think that we have a good bit of momentum from the last three weeks. On the other hand I worry about an ailing Gator squad having an off-week to regroup. On the one hand I look at the 33 points surrendered to Kentucky and think that will keep the Bulldog defense from getting too satisfied with itself. On the other I think that Florida held that same Kentucky offense to 14 points back on September 25th. On the one hand I think about how much better Aaron Murray has looked than John Brantley so far in 2010. Then I convince myself that it's only a matter of time until he has one of those bone-headed freshman games. Caleb Sturgis is out? Oh, that's so unfortunate. Too bad Blair Walsh is himself working through the worst kicking streak of his Bulldog career. Caleb King's back? Washaun's finally turned the corner and come down with a gimpy knee in the process. Really, I'm up, down and sideways over this game.

So, I'm turning my prediction over to you people in the form of our old friend, the over/under. Over or under Dawg Sports readers?

1) John Brantley will throw 1.9 interceptions.

2) Washaun Ealey will fumble 0.9 times.

3) Caleb King will rush for 99.9 yards.

4) A.J. Green will haul in 3.9 receptions.

5) Brandon Smith will touch the ball 1.9 times on offense.

6) Justin Houston will tally 1.9 sacks.

7) Tim Tebow will appear on camera live or in file footage 7.9 times during the telecast.

8) Uncle Vern will shed 0.9 on-air tears over his special nephew out in Denver.

9) The CBS crew will scrupulously avoid any camera time for the various "Time To Die", Time To Dive" and "Time To Diet" posters, teeshirts and other regalia aimed at Chris Rainey, so that such items appear on camera 2.9 times.

10) Rainey will touch the ball 4.9 times for the Gators.

11) Rantavious Wooten will notch 0.9 touchdown catches.

12) Trey Burton will score 1.9 touchdowns.

13) The Georgia Bulldogs will triumph by 0.9 points.

 Choose wisely, readers.

And, at the suggestion of hailtogeorgia, the most appropriate music I can imagine for this weekend, coutesy of Band of Horses and the Redcoat Marching Band:


I'll see you all after the game. Until then . . .


Go 'Dawgs!!!

*Inconceivable. If Doug Gillett posts his grocery list on the internet you should probably read it, if only for the brief faux dialogue between John Oliver and Alec Baldwin tucked into the produce list.