The Team Less Jorted: Because Robert Frost would have pulled for the Dawgs!

Two teams will converge on an open field,

And knowing I will not root for both

For being a Dawg fan, long I wield

Malice toward those of a Gator appeal

And disdain for a school which all should loathe;

Mine is the team of greater acclaim,

Though recent records notwithstanding,

Because it is classy, and free from shame;

And owns the overall historical claim

Of all-time victories, but understanding

That both teams Saturday equally stand

Unable to captain their own souls in the East.

Oh, but for my team it’s victory at hand!

And after a month of despair, they demand

An hour to kill the reptilian beast.

This gridiron battle will spark an ember

Heating a flame that turns our fortunes back,

And eases the pain of a long September,

Whilst forcing the jorted ones to remember

The beating they took from the Red and Black!

Go Dawgs!

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