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What Have You Done Differently to Bring the Georgia Bulldogs Good Luck?

We all have our superstitious sports rituals, and seldom more so than (i) when our team is playing especially poorly, (ii) when our team is playing especially well, and/or (iii) when our team is preparing to face a big rival. For four weeks, Bulldog Nation labored under the yoke of the first condition; today, we have the luxury of confronting the reality of the second and third situations.

We all know what the coaches and players have done differently, from changes to the practice regimen to changes in the lineup, from symbolic gestures like Mark Richt leading the team onto the field to fundamental concepts like protecting the football.

It is emotionally unsatisfying to suppose that it all comes down to blocking and tackling, though; these are not robots, after all, and there is a reason why we speak of players having heart and teams playing with intensity: intangibles matter.

What, then, have you done differently since the losing streak ended? What are you doing differently this week to send the Georgia Bulldogs the best mojo you are able to muster as they steel themselves for gridiron battle against the hated Florida Gators?

Let us know in the comments below.

Go ‘Dawgs!