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A Poetic Ode to the Georgia Bulldogs as They Prepare to Face the Florida Gators in the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party

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Why the Georgia Bulldogs Will Deliver the Corey Liuget Treatment to the Florida Gators

The ‘Dawgs were 1-4, Paul Finebaum was giddy,
Evans had resigned, Richt was about to be put on the shelf,
Vince Dooley was a Vol fan, the players’ rap sheets weren’t pretty,
Uga VII was dead, and I didn’t feel so good myself.
Then Greg McGarity came home in time to anoint Uga VIII,
The 3-4 defense gelled under the guidance of Todd Grantham,
Aaron Murray matured, Georgia won three victories straight,
And the team left for Jacksonville singing a different anthem.
A.J. Green was back! Washaun Ealey ran on lengthy sorties!
The D had sacks and takeaways! Justin Houston was a beast!
The offense clicked and started scoring points into the forties!
At stake on Duval Street was a shot to win the East
If the team returned to Athens with a win in its hip pocket.
Though there are a few Gator fans who’ve been known to be nice,
Many of them are jerks, like that chump, Sonny Crockett,
A former Florida football player from the show "Miami Vice"
Who owned a pet alligator and named the lizard "Elvis."
It’s an affront to good taste to name a Gator after the King,
Which is why I hope the ‘Dawgs punch Florida in the pelvis.
I’m confident that they will, because---and here’s the thing---
I have good reason to be sure that the Saurians are toast.
There is this critical fact, which I hope you haven’t missed:
For you can’t spell "Sacrificial Goat Roast"
Without "A Sacroiliac Gator Fist."

Go ‘Dawgs!