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A Poetic Ode to the Georgia Bulldogs as They Prepare to Face the Florida Gators in the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party

Why the Georgia Bulldogs Will Deliver the Corey Liuget Treatment to the Florida Gators

The ‘Dawgs were 1-4, Paul Finebaum was giddy,
Evans had resigned, Richt was about to be put on the shelf,
Vince Dooley was a Vol fan, the players’ rap sheets weren’t pretty,
Uga VII was dead, and I didn’t feel so good myself.
Then Greg McGarity came home in time to anoint Uga VIII,
The 3-4 defense gelled under the guidance of Todd Grantham,
Aaron Murray matured, Georgia won three victories straight,
And the team left for Jacksonville singing a different anthem.
A.J. Green was back! Washaun Ealey ran on lengthy sorties!
The D had sacks and takeaways! Justin Houston was a beast!
The offense clicked and started scoring points into the forties!
At stake on Duval Street was a shot to win the East
If the team returned to Athens with a win in its hip pocket.
Though there are a few Gator fans who’ve been known to be nice,
Many of them are jerks, like that chump, Sonny Crockett,
A former Florida football player from the show "Miami Vice"
Who owned a pet alligator and named the lizard "Elvis."
It’s an affront to good taste to name a Gator after the King,
Which is why I hope the ‘Dawgs punch Florida in the pelvis.
I’m confident that they will, because---and here’s the thing---
I have good reason to be sure that the Saurians are toast.
There is this critical fact, which I hope you haven’t missed:
For you can’t spell "Sacrificial Goat Roast"
Without "A Sacroiliac Gator Fist."

Go ‘Dawgs!