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Georgia Bulldogs v. Vanderbilt Commodores Game Day Open Comment Thread

The drill for the day is simple. It's homecoming in Athens. Uga VIII will be anointed. The Georgia Bulldogs will play a football game against the Vanderbilt Commodores. You are invited to discuss these matters and more, within reason but otherwise as the spirit moves you, bearing in mind that podunkdawg has the controls while MaconDawg and I are away from our respective keyboards.

In an effort to help maintain the focus of the fan base, I have scheduled a second general college football thread to appear at 3:30. While no one will be subjected to ridicule or ostracism for commenting on another game here, or on the Georgia game there, this setup should afford everyone in the opportunity to discuss (and to follow the discussion of) the Bulldogs specifically and college football generally in the appropriate thread.

Go 'Dawgs!