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Don't Bet On It!: Week Seven College Football National Game of Disinterest

Now that we have gone around the SEC and looked at the national games of interest, we have covered every outing of major significance being played in college football this weekend, but even merely ordinary contests carry some consequences.

Nevertheless, there is one game each weekend so utterly lacking in importance that I refuse to choose sides, lest I feel compelled to find out afterward what the score was. We refer to this as the national game of disinterest, and, this week, the national game of disinterest is . . .

Kansas St. Wildcats at Kansas Jayhawks

Ordinarily, I’m all about mid-season in-state rivalry games, due to ulterior motives, but everything about this game points toward sports other than football.

Think about it. Kansas State played on Thursday night last week, and the Wildcats performed so poorly that all of us lost interest and turned over to the baseball game. We shouldn’t feel too bad about that, though, because fans of these two programs probably would prefer to be at a basketball game: Kansas State made it to the Elite Eight last year, and the Jayhawks’ commitment to roundball is evident in the fact that, just one day before tonight’s purportedly big game, there were more basketball notes than football notes for the Kansas faithful.

I don’t blame them for concentrating on the hardwood rather than the gridiron, though. The last two games played by tonight’s combatants ended in losses by margins of 48-13 and 55-7. Really, when you’re that much better at basketball than at football, who can blame you for caring more about the former than the latter?

If they’re not going to care any more than that, though, I’m not going to care, either. By all means, feel free to use this as your game night open comment thread, but don’t expect me to make a pick in this Sunflower State sissified slap party.

Go ‘Dawgs!