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Programming Note and Animated Drive Chart

This is your weekly reminder to tune in this evening for my regular appearance with John Frary on ESPN Radio 1420 out of St. Augustine. If you’re in the area, listen in locally on an actual radio; otherwise, follow the link above and click the button to listen live over the internet.

I’ll be calling in during the 7:11 commercial break and going on the air shortly thereafter. That is likely to be my regular time slot throughout the rest of the season, so, unless you hear differently, plan on tuning in then every Monday night.

(By the way, the first time I was scheduled to call in at that time, I reminded my wife over supper that I needed to call at 7:11. Our seven-year-old son, hearing the words "seven eleven," thought I was going to make a phone call at a convenience store, and he asked me to buy him a slushie while I was there.)

(By the way, the previous story reminds me of the time my wife, a high school history teacher, used Kenny G’s version of "Auld Lang Syne," which features clips from historic moments in the 20th century, as a teaching tool. She transcribed the clips used in the song, with descriptions of the event each clip signified, and she asked me to proofread it. One of the moments incorporated into the song was the broadcast call of Hank Aaron’s record-breaking home run, in which the announcer said, "There it is! It’s 715!" The phrase, of course, denoted the fact that Hammerin’ Hank’s 715th home run broke Babe Ruth’s career record of 714. My wife, who was not raised a sports fan, transcribed it as: "It’s 7:15!" She thought the announcer had looked at his watch and noted the time of the event for posterity. When I later told the story to my sister-in-law, she made the same assumption.)

Anyway, tune in to ESPN Radio 1420 shortly after 7:10 tonight. In the meantime, enjoy this animated drive chart from last Saturday’s victory:

Animated Drive Chart brought to you by Gameday Depot.

Go ‘Dawgs!