Jumping the Gun? Hold off on Caleb.

Never been a big Caleb King fan, but he has done a decent job in a role of part time tailback__not that he would get much PT for any other team in the conference. The arrest, as I understand it, was for not appearing in court for a speeding ticket. BIG FAT HAIRY DEAL! There was a time when podunk counties, like those from which I hail, would simply forfeit the cash bond and not even send in a disposition for the Dept of Public Safety to double punish someone by suspending his or her license for failure to appear. Alas, in these times of utilizing the traffic laws to raise revenue, most jurisdictions will stop at nothing to raise the collection coffers. Maybe he didn't post a cash bond, but advocating kicking him off the team (as I have seen elsewhere posted) or even suspending him is absurd. Is it against the stupid NCAA rules for me, as a UGA law school alum, to represent these kids pro bono? If not, get Caleb and the other players my address and phone number, T. Kyle.

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