Caleb King is in Jail


It's another theft-related arrest, but this time it seems to be more a problem with the ACC PD than with King. Please read the article before insulting him, calling for him to be booted from the team, or calling for Mark Richt's job for recruiting such a young man. I am not kidding when I say that he was actually arrested because the police believe his roommate stole things. Let that sink in. This report includes such seemingly conflicting lines as "police did not believe any student-athletes were involved in the theft" and "Georgia running back Caleb King is being held at the Clarke County Jail". Just be glad this doesn't go towards the Fulmer Cup, and let's hope this gets cleared up soon so he doesn't miss much practice. UPDATE: Apparently Marc got this one wrong - King is being held for failure to appear in court over a speeding ticket in Walton County.