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A Very, Very Rough Draft of My Final 2009 BlogPoll Ballot

I was working on this while I was watching the national championship game, so this is very preliminary, but I wanted to get it out there for your inspection, your comments, and your questions.

Bear in mind, as always, that this is a resume-based ballot and that I started from a clean white piece of paper, so previous rankings have no bearing and the results of all games against Division I-A competition are weighted equally; what the Alabama Crimson Tide did against the Virginia Tech Hokies on Labor Day weekend had as much to do with the Tide's final ranking as what they did to the Texas Longhorns tonight.

Here, in my view, are the top 25 teams in the land:

1. Alabama

2. Boise State

3. Florida

4. TCU

5. Cincinnati

6. Texas

7. Ohio State

8. Iowa

9. BYU

10. Georgia Tech

11. Virginia Tech

12. Oregon

13. Miami (Florida)

14. USC

15. Pitt

16. West Virginia

17. Penn State

18. Utah

19. Wisconsin

20. Nebraska

21. Ole Miss

22. Houston

23. Oklahoma State

24. LSU

25. Texas Tech

Others Receiving Consideration: Central Michigan, Navy, Rutgers

Naturally, I haven't even cast a ballot yet---I don't even know if the BlogPoll voting mechanism is open yet---but I wanted to get that out there, inasmuch as this is the one that will stand against history.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Go 'Dawgs!