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Steve Spurrier: Evil Doofus or Harmless Genius? On the next Geraldo.

We all have a short list of things in this world which give us particular joy. This list is different from the standard things which all of us are, or at least should to be, supremely thankful for (family, friends, a roof over our heads, etc.). No, I'm speaking of the idiosyncratic comforts which just make us smile.

For me, it's a well-executed toss sweep, barbeque that has just enough chewy "bark" around the edges, and my collection of live Drive-By Truckers concert recordings, among other things.

For Paul Westerdawg, it's the continuing inability of Stephen Orr Spurrier, Head Football Coach of the University of South Carolina, to best the achievements of Ray Goff, former Head Football Coach at the University of Georgia. Paul previously noted that Spurrier's tenure at Lower Carolina has not been that impressive compared to the Athens heyday of his favorite target of derision from the days when Ole Spurr was coaching 'em up in Gainesville.

Now there's this updated nugget of schadenfreude:

As for the Ray Goff comparison I continually make between Spurrier's tenure at Carolina and Ray's disastrous stint with the Dawgs...Spurrier needs 6 wins to surpass Goff's win total during his first six years in Athens. However, he'll need to go at least 11-2 to surpass Ray's winning percentage over the same number of only .00079 percentage points.

All the Evil is gone. He's just a Harmless Genius now.

Bravo, PWD. Bravo. Now the question remains: does this mean that he can't win now because the level of talent in garnet and black isn't what my South Carolina acquaintances think it is, or did he win in Gainesville mostly because the talent there was everything it was cracked up to be? Or (and this is certainly just as viable an option) is it possible that Spurrier the White is inadvertently showing Urban Meyer exactly how successful you can be if you choose to slow down a little?