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Congratulations In Order For Sundiata Gaines.

While the Hoop Dogs were busy dispatching Paul Hewitt's Georgia Tech squad in Athens, former Georgia basketballer Sundiata Gaines was pretty busy as well. You may have heard that "Yata" has been tearing up the NBA's developmental league for the Idaho Stampede (H/T Paul Westerdawg), and that probably made it inevitable that he'd get a chance to move on to bigger and better things one day. That day was yesterday, as Gaines signed a 10 day contract with the Utah Jazz.

Admittedly, a 10 day contract is exactly what its title implies. It is a temporary contract teams use to fill in gaps in their rosters for a limited time. There's no guarantee of a longterm deal. And 10 days does not necessarily mean 10 games. Nor does it really mean he'll even get off the bench for any significant length of time. But it is an opportunity, and a richly deserved one at that. Congratulations, Sundiata.