In an unprecedented basketball win against a ranked opponent, the University of Georgia Hoop Dawgs defeat Ga Tech 73-66. A total team effort was had with most of the team making key end of game free throws as Ga Tech was forced to foul often in the last minute of the game. Led by Trey Thompkins, a monstrous forward displaying tremendous athletic talent, scoring 20 points and finishing strong to seal the victory. But, with a true team effort, Ricky McPhee scored 16 points while Ware and Leslie scored 13 and 12 respectively, all of whom made a continual stream of critical end of game free throws. UGA managed to stay poised in the face of a more lauded opponent and in the end "Rocky Man" got to do a victory combo punch to tell the Golden Tornado: we beat you on the grid iron, the Lady Dawgs beat you, and now the Hoop Dawgs beat you, dont ever make fun of our dead mascot again!

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