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Herschel Walker Kicks Ass (Literally)

SG Standard beat me to the punch, but (in this, the winter of Bulldog Nation's discontent) it bears repeating that Herschel Walker is still from Krypton a great ambassador for the University of Georgia. As SB Nation reports:

Herschel Walker dominated Greg Nagy for the entire fight en route to earning a TKO win as Greg Nagy was unable to defend himself after Walker took his back.

It was sloppy, as would be expected from most men's debuts but the fact that Herschel Walker fought a fast paced fight at 47 years old and when the fight ended was still breathing through his nose is simply amazing.  That kind of cardio at 23 is amazing, at 47 it is simply unheard of.

I'm really glad I didn't have to write the headline "Down Goes Herschel! Down Goes Herschel!" I think it might have been more than I could bear. Good for the Goal Line Stalker, though.

Go 'Dawgs!