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Which Way Should a Georgia Bulldogs Fan Root in the Super Bowl?

If I'm reading the rosters correctly, the Saints field one former Bulldog (Jon Stinchomb) and the Colts field one former Bulldog (Tim Jennings), so my usual mechanism for determining which way to root in the Super Bowl---namely, which team has more former Georgia players---is inconclusive.

I'm interested in learning how the rest of Bulldog Nation is rooting in this one. Having grown up in the Atlanta area, I have picked up on some of the region's disdain for the New Orleans NFL franchise, which is a longtime rival of the Falcons, and I haven't liked Drew Brees since he was indefensibly named the MVP of the 2000 Outback Bowl. Accordingly, I will be cheering for Indianapolis.

Nevertheless, I can understand the argument for rooting for the Saints, since the Colts are quarterbacked by former Tennessee signal caller Peyton Manning, and since the game pits representatives of an SEC state (Louisiana) against representatives of a Big Ten state (Indiana). (However, the Colts used to hail from Baltimore, a city in a nominally Southern state, and Peyton Manning is a New Orleans native, which makes you wonder which way Archie will be rooting.)

Which way do you break on this one, and why? Let us know in the comments below.

Go 'Dawgs!