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Programming Note: Dawg Sports Invading North Florida Sports Radio (Again).

As you all already know, Kyle makes periodic appearances on John Frary's evening radio program on ESPN 1420 out of St. Augustine, Florida. Tonight I'll be getting in on the act as well, appearing on John's program sometime in the 7:25-ish area. What can I say? It's live radio. As in professional twister, flexibilty is your meal ticket.

I'll be discussing last night's UGA/UF basketball game (whether I'd like to or not), UGA basketball in general, and Georgia football recruiting. I'll also be taking your prop bets on what utterly random phrases you'd like me to work into the discussion. For example, if you don't think I can shoehorn the phrase "double-sided scotch tape and molasses" into a discussion of Georgia's new 3-4 defense and it's effects on recruiting, let me know. I assure you that you are mistaken.

Plus, there's the bonus fun of listening to John Frary, respected radio host, try to announce a guest using the pseudonym "MaconDawg" with a straight face. That alone should make it all worthwhile. As usual, you can listen online here. Until later . . .


Go 'Dawgs!!!