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Instantaneous Ill-Informed Roundball Wrapup: Florida Gators 87, Georgia Bulldogs 71

OK, so, um, that stunk!

It’s, like, tough to win on the road, or something. I mean, it shouldn’t be as tough as the Hoop Dogs are making it, what with their 0-7 record in away games and all, but, still, it’s difficult to do, particularly when no one in the SEC seems able to handle prosperity.

The moral of the story is, you know, you kind of don’t want to be down by a dozen in the other dude’s building. That sort of tends not to end well. The good news is that South Carolina is next on the docket, and the Gamecocks just pulled off the biggest upset in their history, so they’re ripe for a letdown . . . of course, the game is in Columbia, so I wouldn’t hold my breath out much hope.

If Paul Westerdawg is right, this was the third-toughest of the Fox Hounds’ remaining games, so it mostly gets easier from here . . . but, after a night like tonight, it had better.

Go ‘Dawgs!