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Evaluating My Preseason College Football Predictions

I’ve already looked back at my bowl picks and preseason conference championship predictions, in which I fared about as poorly as I would if I joined the Crunktown Icers, so it is with some trepidation that I look back at my random preseason forecasts from last August. These are they:

Although no SEC head coach will be fired this year, at least one SEC head coach will step down voluntarily.

I simply could not have been more completely correct in this prognostication. SEC head coaches fired: zero. SEC head coaches who walked away voluntarily: two and possibly three, pending national signing day. Rich Brooks called it a career after taking downtrodden Oregon and Kentucky programs and turning them into perennial bowl teams; Urban Meyer resigned, unresigned, took a leave of absence, and remains in limbo; and Lane Kiffin bolted Knoxville after crashing a Lexus. (No, I don’t just mean that metaphorically. Yes, he took a storied program and drove it into the ground, but he also literally crashed a Lexus.)

The winner of the September 3 showdown between the Boise St. Broncos and the Oregon Ducks will have one loss on its record on January 8, 2010. The loser of that game will have three losses on its record as of that date.

Darn you, Texas Christian! I was absolutely correct regarding the loser of the season opener, Pac-10 champion Oregon, which finished 10-3, and, had the Horned Frogs held up their end of the deal in the Fiesta Bowl, I’d have been right about the winner, Boise State, as well. I would say I missed it by that much, but we’re not quoting guys with the last name "Smart" around here for the time being.

At least one of the teams ranked in the preseason BlogPoll top ten will finish no better than .500.

While disappointing seasons were turned in by preseason BlogPoll top ten teams Southern California, Oklahoma, Louisiana State, and Oklahoma State, none finished with as many losses as wins.

Neither the Boston College Eagles nor the Notre Dame Fighting Irish will win a bowl game this season.

The Eagles lost the Emerald Bowl. The Irish did not attend a bowl. Score!

At least two Big East teams will be tied for the conference’s best record and the league’s BCS representative will be determined using tiebreakers.

Instead, Cincinnati went into its season-ending showdown with Pitt knowing the winner would capture the Big East crown outright. The Bearcats closed the deal to complete an undefeated regular season. No tiebreakers were needed.

Exactly two Pac-10 teams will be tied for the conference’s best record and the league’s BCS representative will be determined to be the USC Trojans.

Uh, no. You may rest assured that, with Lane Kiffin on the job in Los Angeles, I will not be affording the Men of Troy the benefit of the doubt in the future.

The Duke Blue Devils will enter November with a record no worse than 4-4 but they will lose each of their last four games.

Following their October 31 victory over Virginia, the Blue Devils boasted a 5-3 record, which is not worse than 4-4. Duke proceeded to lose all four of its November outings to finish 5-7. Yeah, that’s right; I made a detailed prediction concerning Duke football and I hit the nail on the head. How ‘bout that?

When Bobby Bowden and Urban Meyer shake hands at midfield on November 28, it will represent the final meeting between the two men as the head coaches of their current schools.

Even with Urban Meyer’s abrupt about-face following his resignation, this prediction was proven prescient when Bobby Bowden was shoved out the door in Tallahassee.

Tavarres King will rank third in receiving yardage for the Georgia Bulldogs this fall.

I sold Tavarres short; he actually finished second, behind A.J. Green.

Caleb King will rank third in rushing yardage for the Georgia Bulldogs this fall.

I sold Caleb short; he actually finished second, behind Washaun Ealey. The moral of the story, of course, is never to underestimate we King men.

The highest vote-getter among non-quarterbacks in the Heisman Trophy balloting will finish fourth in the running for college football’s most overrated award.

This one seemed pretty safe at the time, what with all the media love being shown to Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, and Tim Tebow. If at least two of those guys weren’t devoutly religious, I’d think a higher power had it in for quarterbacks. Winning the Heisman Trophy still ranks right up there with winning a Grammy on the list of bogus award achievements, by the way.

The Florida Gators will go 13-1, win the Eastern Division outright, attend and win the SEC championship game, attend and win the national championship game . . . and lose to Georgia.

Well, they went 13-1, won the East outright, and appeared in the Georgia Dome. The rest, though, not so much.

Lane Kiffin will lose six games, treat a pair of rivalry losses as huge successes, get blown out in a bowl game, and bail on the Tennessee program three weeks before signing day, taking half his staff and as many recruits as he can with him.

All right, I made up that last one after the fact, but, really, we all should have seen it coming, right?

Go ‘Dawgs!