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So, Slow News Day or What?

As it happens, I had out-of-town business to which to attend today, so I shut down the computer and hit the hay early last night, I got on the road early this morning, and I got home around 3:30 this afternoon without having listened to the radio, turned on a television, or accessed the internet in nearly eighteen hours. In a few moments, I'll be heading out the door again for reasons related to the personal situation I mentioned earlier in the week.

This is, in short, a great moment in bad timing; I just signed on, in fact, to make sure my "weekend NFL playoff defensive coordinator search open comment thread" was still in line to pop up as scheduled.

Needless to say, that thread has been canceled, and, because I am not in a position to comment intelligently in a timely manner, I have promoted the best fanshots upon the subject to the front page. My thanks go out to the entire Dawg Sports community for keeping the conversation going in my absence. I'll be back later in the weekend. In the meantime, carry on, and, oh, yeah . . .