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That's my new decision-making rubric for the foreseeable future. It stands for "What would Marlon Brown's grandmother and Al Davis do?"

As much as Tennessee fans have made light of both of them these past few months, it now appears that they are better judges of character and talent than Tennessee AD Mike Hamilton and at least 88% of Tennessee Volunteer fans. That's roughly the percentage who thought that a carnival barker with a winning genetic lottery ticket would stick around to lead their football team to greatness.

The shock and outrage of Vol Nation is all the more stupifying because every single college football fan in America not clad in creamsicle orange knew this day was coming, sooner rather than later. It's like that Jack Black movie Shallow Hal, with Tennessee fans playing the role of the hopelessly lovestruck protagonist, and the rest of us quizzically asking "That girl?" while tilting our heads to the side like a pack of confused beagles.

I'm also fairly certain that both Mrs. Calvary Malone of Memphis and Al Davis (of some cave in the Hollywood Hills) would have counseled against almost not letting the little weasel get off campus alive. Because that's not the best advertisement for the new guy. Unless it's going to be Jon Fabris, because he would likely welcome that challenge.

So long General Peachfuzz, Jr.