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David Hale Says Hold Your Horses

Once we got word that the mystery plane had filed a return flight plan from Tuscaloosa to Athens, I sent David Hale an e-mail. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, but the blogger and the reporter can be friends. Don't make me break out into a musical number to underscore that point, though.)

David was skeptical. He pointed out that this wasn't an official University of Georgia plane and that, when Mark Fox was hired, his flights to and from the Peach State went through Fulton County. Since (in David's words) such endeavors "are almost always wild goose chases," he's reserving judgment until he hears something more definitive. (David also added, "I also think it's funny that there's potentially some random guy flying in and out of Tuscaloosa that has thousands of people tracking his flight.")

Our favorite journalist has his ear to the ground, but he's not out chasing airplanes. Stay tuned . . . and, if you want to be out at Ben Epps around 5:15 this afternoon and put up a fanpost using SB Nation's mobile capacity, well, hey, I'm just saying.

Go 'Dawgs!