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Over or Under? LSU Edition.

It's that time of the week when we speculate wildly and numerically about individual and team performances in this week's SEC showdown between the Georgia Bulldogs and the squad from Les Miles's School for People Who Smell Like Corndogs*. With no further ado, I ask you, over or under?

1) Richard Samuel will carry the ball 11.9 times for your Georgia Bulldogs.

2) Caleb King will carry the ball 11.9 times for your Georgia Bulldogs.

3) The Georgia offense will commit 1.9 turnovers on its own side of the field.

4) Darryl Gamble will continue his Tiger torturing ways by intercepting 0.9 Jordan Jefferson passes.

5) Blair Walsh will miss on 0.9 field goal attempts.

6) The LSU Tigers will score 6.9 points off Georgia turnovers.

7) Logan Gray will be inserted inexplicably into the lineup for one play (and one play only) 0.9 times.

8) Brandon LaFell will leave scorch marks on Bryan Evans's jersey as he runs right by him 1.9 times.

9) The Georgia defense will allow 2.9 conversions of 3rd and 7 or longer.

10) LSU cornerback Pat Peterson and safety Chad Jones will combine to intercept Joe Cox 1.9 times.

11) Tavarres King will haul in 2.9 receptions.

12) Rantavious "The Ball Carrier" Wooten will haul in 2.9 receptions.

13) LSU will best its season average by rushing for 130.9 yards.

14) LSU will best its season average by scoring 28.9 points

15) MaconDawg will consume 2.9 Varsity chili dawgs before returning to central Georgia.

*Totally not true. As we often remind our readers the "LSU fans smell like corndogs" meme is a pernicious rumor with no basis in fact. LSU fans usually smell like funnel cakes or fried pickles.