The other shoe has dropped . . .


. . . and, to Orson's credit, it was not as bad as I had feared. For the record, yes, I do assume a subhuman level of basic morality on the part of Urban Meyer, as I believe Orson also does when Tim Tebow's health is not a part of the equation. To repeat (because it bears repeating), I hope Tim Tebow makes a complete recovery from his injury, not just because I believe Tebow to be a fine Christian young man in addition to being an outstanding football player, but because I am not so rabid in my fandom that I would ever celebrate a college student suffering an illness or injury, much less a serious one. If Tebow is held out of practices and games until, say, November 1 or thereabouts, that'd be all right with me, but I hope he returns to full health. But do I believe this guy was offering inspiring expressions of team devotion between being led off the field in a daze, throwing up, and being placed in an ambulance? I do not. Do I believe anyone who says Tebow said any such thing is either lying or mistaken? I do . . . and I read Orson's rejoinder to say that I should not have written what I wrote, not that he has any basis for believing that what I wrote was wrong. Best wishes to Tebow as he bounces back from this jarring hit. Go 'Dawgs!