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An Arizona State Weblogger Talks About His Team

Blogging delays, both here at home and out in the Grand Canyon State, caused this posting to hit the internet later than any of us would have liked, but you may think of this as a special bonus posting.

I exchanged questions with SB Nation's Arizona St. Sun Devils blogger, Cory Williams. 
My responses to his questions appear at House of Sparky, while his answers to my inquires appear after the jump.

Dawg Sports: Whom should the Bulldogs fear on offense?

House of Sparky: If only it were that easy. The Sun Devils have yet to reveal the full potential of their offense. With Danny Sullivan getting comfortable as the starting QB at ASU, it's realistic to anticipate an increase in production. With that said, he will be aided by the sure hands of WR Chris McGaha.

A possession receiver who may have NFL-talent catching abilities, McGaha is often looked to in the flat on out routes, maximizing his opportunity to catch the ball, but minimizing the the potential for a big play.

Ball possession and a tough attitude will help ASU win the battle in Sanford, but they must be well aware of the speedy defense they are about to face.


DS: Whom should Georgia fear on defense?

HOS: The new recruits that coach Dennis Erickson has brought in, including Vontaze Burfict and Corey Adams, have largely boosted the athleticism and quickness of the Sun Devil defense. Burfict was ranked #1 in the country at LB, the #9 overall recruit, and #2 in California.

His speed and pursuit routes are like clockwork, and his elusiveness has acquainted him nicely to the college game. I am sure he and Rennie Curran will put forth maximum effort in a competitive, high exposure environment, with the recruiting world watching closely.

DS: What is Arizona State's biggest weakness?

HOS: ASU is an inexperienced, mediocre football team who has received an infusion of talent from the recruiting class of 2009. All positions considered, the offensive line has been the sieve that has brought us losing efforts against top-flight schools.

Georgia was able to penetrate our porous OL all day last season, and Rudy Carpenter never had a moment to do his reads, or find that open receiver on the 3rd check down. There just wasn't enough time with the excellent penetration by the Georgia front seven.

There have been changes on the line, with a few players returning from season-ending injuries in 2008. Even so, the inconsistencies that have plagued the ASU offensive line for years continue to come into play.


DS: How are your new recruits working out and what role will they play in deciding the outcome?

HOS: I have already played into this answer a little bit, but I will spare you any further praise of Burfict.


For the most part, ASU has seen value in letting its true freshmen play. We have seen Burfict, Adams, QB Brock Osweiler, K Bobby Wenzig, and a few others, which means that we are finally replenishing the quality of this program.


The main issue of 2008, ASU's lack of speed, has largely been addressed with the new additions. We are still years away from any semblance of contention, but the path has been created by the recruiting classes of 2008 and 2009. 


With Thomas Weber, the 2007 Lou Groza award-winning kicker for the Sun Devils sitting this game out with a strained groin, Wenzig will be tasked with a difficult task on Saturday: kick the ball, and do it well. In a stadium with 92,000 screaming fans of the opposition, his impact will be felt, regardless of his performance.


My thanks go out to Cory for participating in this exchange. You may feel free to follow the unfolding action at


Go 'Dawgs!