Nebraskans, like Lewis Grizzard, haven't understood something since 1962


Today, the Nebraska Cornhuskers will play before their 300th consecutive sellout crowd at home. I kind of congratulate them on this dubious achievement. The preceding sentence contained qualifiers because I'm not so sure this should be such a point of pride. When I read about it, I was reminded of my brother-in-law's frequent comment about Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport: "The fact that it's the busiest airport in the world is a testament to poor civic planning." Atlanta has enough air traffic that it, like New York City and Washington, D.C., needs two airports. The local airport is so busy because it is so overburdened. By the same token, if your stadium has sold out 300 games in a row, that's a signal that your stadium is too small and you need to expand. You're limiting supply to significantly less than demand. It's a bad business decision and it represents a failure to keep up with the times and meet the needs of your market. Accordingly, I congratulate the 'Huskers on what appears at first blush to be an achievement and I encourage the Nebraska athletic director to get to work on fixing the problem this "accomplishment" embodies. Go 'Dawgs!