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Don't Bet On It!: National Game of Disinterest

We have taken our weekly trip around the SEC---and been chastised for a supposed lack of a sense of humor in the process, I might add (I got the joke, incidentally; I just think Lane Kiffin revealed as much about himself that deserves to be derided as he did about the object of his derision)---then given the national games of interest a gaze, so we are left with just one contest upon which to concentrate; namely, the national game of disinterest.

You are in (or perhaps out of) luck this week, my friends, for we have a three-way tie for the national game of disinterest. I couldn’t choose one over the other two because, frankly, I can’t distinguish them from one another. Your national games of disinterest are . . .

Pittsburgh Panthers at N.C. State Wolfpack

Rutgers Scarlet Knights at Maryland Terrapins

South Florida Bulls at Florida St. Seminoles

I picked all three of these, because, really, they’re the same game. There’s something fundamentally weird, and fundamentally wrong, with a weekend being devoted to Big East teams visiting ACC venues.

After the Atlantic Coast Conference’s midnight raid on the Big East a few years back, I would think the latter league would be leery of letting its member institutions go on the road like this; there’s half a chance those visiting teams will wind up buying time-shares and deciding to stick around in their new locales.

Even if the ACC isn’t interested in poaching any more schools, though, doesn’t the host conference’s previous treatment of the Big East effectively make this National Take Your Redheaded Stepchild to Work Day?

Yeah, I know the Big East is going 2-1 this weekend, so I shouldn’t be too tough on the league, but, conceptually, this is a preseason basketball challenge mistakenly being played on a football field. If there’s not a hoop involved somewhere, I’m not picking any of these outings.

Go ‘Dawgs!