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Wednesday Over/Under and Pre-Game Programming

As the midpoint of game week has arrived, it's time for us here at Dawgsports to shift into full inseason mode. To that end, a little scheduling bulletin. This year I'm moving the usual "over/under" thread to Wednesday to allow more time for speculation. Thursdays will be for, well, you know what Thursdays are for around here. Fridays will bring the usual "5 Things" preview, and Saturdays will be reserved for open comment threads and other assorted free range fun. Kyle will be here with inciteful analysis sprinkled expertly throughout the week in brief 800 word quickhitters. You know the drill.

I have to admit that I have no idea what's going to happen on Saturday. Really, no flippin' clue. As I told Darius Dawgberry yesterday, I could easily see any one of several different scenarios playing out. Thus the somewhat manic nature of this week's over/under. As always your answers are required, but further explanation is encouraged. I ask you, over or under?

  • Richard Samuel will rush for 99.9 yards.
  • Richard Samuel will have 0.9 fumbles.
  • Oklahoma State's Zac Robinson will throw for 299.9 yards.
  • Oklahoma State's Zac Robinson will throw 1.9 interceptions.
  • Joe Cox will throw 2.9 touchdown passes.
  • Joe Cox will account for 1.9 turnovers.
  • Logan Gray will play 1.9 series under center for the Bulldogs.
  • Someone other than Cox and Gray will play 0.9 snaps under center for the Bulldogs.
  • Georgia's kickoff unit will create 1.9 touchbacks.
  • Georgia's defense will create 1.9 turnovers.
  • A.J. Green will have 5.9 receptions.
  • Marlon Brown will have 0.9 receptions.
  • Georgia will score 29.9 points.
  • Oklahoma State will score 29.9 points.
  • MaconDawg will consume 2.9 barbeque sandwiches before kickoff.

So there you have it. 15 questions which, answered together, should go a long way toward deciding the winner of Saturday's showdown in Stillwater. Until tomorrow . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!