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The Best Reason Ever To Steal Your RA's Copy Card. . .

Today is the anniversary of my first date with my wife, which trumps even Cocktail Thursday in importance. But don't worry, your weekend libation will be along tomorrow. But until then, your Thursday random rumor from the interwebs which makes you glad college football season is in full swing is . . .

that the Florida band will play a tongue-in-cheek rendition of "Rocky Top" if and when the Gators win Saturday's tilt with the Tennessee Volunteers. Not sure why that would be funny. College kids, go figure.

Far be it from me to turn the hoses on the flickering flame of schadenfreude but it won't happen, for a variety of reasons. One, even Urban Meyer would consider that a "bad deal", to say nothing of UF Athletic Director Jeremy Foley. I would also imagine that SEC Commissioner Mike Slive would have a hissy fit. Which is a "conniption fit" with the addition of press releases. I imagine that there has already been an internal discussion in Gainesville about why such a serenade, while uproariously funny, would be in poor taste.

All of that being said, if I were sitting in the Gator student section for this one, I don't believe I could allow myself to enter Ben Hill Griffin Stadium without some copies of the lyrics to "Rocky Top" to pass out to my fellow students. Those lyrics could be found here. Or here. You know, if someone were curious.