If Uga says it . . .


. . . it must be true. Rumors have been swirling all morning, as attested to by Paul Westerdawg, but---no offense to ESPN, Rivals, or the blogosphere---I wasn't buying it until I heard it from a white English bulldog in a red sweater. Obviously, no one ever hopes for a player to be lost to injury, especially one of your own, and swapping starting quarterbacks two days before a big game is never a good thing. Nevertheless, if the guy lining up under center can't get the job done---whether due to the flu, a lingering injury, or a simple inability to compete at the loftiest level---change can be a good thing. We wish Joe Cox a speedy and complete recovery, but, if Saturday night signals the start of the Logan Gray era, well, there's a reason why one of my uncle's coaching maxims was, "Don't lose with seniors." If it's going to be 2006 all over again, I'd rather start the next guy's learning curve sooner rather than later. Go 'Dawgs!