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We Interrupt This Weblog to be Nice Guys to Our Out-of-Town Guests

I just promoted this fanpost to the front page, but I wanted to highlight it again because of the nature of the request. SpectreFCO writes:

I live in Florida, and the USAF is making me move to New Mexico in October. My brother has never seen a game in the SEC, and I told him we have to see a game between the hedges before I move. We are coming to the game against South Carolina in Sep. Neither one of us has been to Athens, and we don't know anyone there. I've heard UGa is one of the best gameday atmospheres anywhere, and we'd like to be a part of it. Are there any tailgaters willing to host a couple of Pac-10 natives before the game?

I’ll be honest with you, when I saw the headline ("First Time Between the Hedges"), I thought we were going to get something a little risqué that would require a gentle warning; you know, the sort of thing Van Morrison was overcome thinking about in the last verse of "Brown Eyed Girl." This, though, is a posting of a whole different nature, which warrants our attention.

We’re talking about someone who (1) will be coming from Florida to Georgia (which already is a step in the right direction), (2) is on the move due to service to his country, (3) wants to take his brother to his first Bulldog football game, and (4) is providing us with the opportunity to show some fellows from Pac-10 country a little Southern hospitality.

Anyone wishing to offer advice, assistance, or an invitation to a pregame celebration (in Athens, we don’t tailgate, because that would make us tailgaters and we ain’t no kind of Gators, which is also why, when I go to court, I’m a trial lawyer, but I digress) should speak up in the comments below.

Thanks in advance.

Go ‘Dawgs!