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Friday Morning Dawg Bites

Before you delve too deeply into the morning of the last Friday before football season, permit me to direct your attention to a few items of note for the good of the order. These are they:

  • Jason Pye wonders whether I am high (I’m not, but Jason’s a libertarian, so it’d be cool with him if I was) for predicting that the Georgia Bulldogs will beat the Florida Gators. I seem to recall Jason having similar doubts when I made the same prediction two years ago. How’d that work out for you, Jason?

  • I quit reading Heismanpundit three and a half years ago, but I am grateful to Senator Blutarsky for continuing to wade through the anti-SEC morass for us. This is exactly why I stopped visiting the site; it simply got to the point where reading a Heismanpundit posting was like listening to a Flock of Seagulls song. What notes were going to be sounded in the next one that hadn’t already been sounded in the last one? Move along, people, nothing to see here. . . .

  • As usual, Paul Westerdawg makes a good point, but, while reading his posting, I was reminded of George Costanza’s prediction that, one day, a major league baseball team would be wiped out in a plane crash. That many teams playing 162 games apiece? Statistically, it has to happen eventually.

  • A reader linked to this in the comments, but it deserved a front-page mention that this article will make you glad that both David Hale and Rennie Curran are on our team. Also, I’m glad they both play the positions they play instead of the other guy’s.

  • File this under Mark Bradley is an idiot, part 4,682. Evidently, I got my media guide much earlier than Bradley got his---which, when you think about it, is only fair---but he appears to have much more time on his hands than I do. It’s a typo, all right? I noticed it, too, but I didn’t comment on it because I realized it was a data entry error. No one is claiming the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets didn’t actually win the game. The series record section of the media guide---that would be page 166, Mark---reports the final score accurately. Bradley, who should be writing for The Technique after the way he shilled for years for the Ramblin’ Wreck, is just trying to stir up trouble to generate links . . . which is why I’m linking to Orson Swindle rather than to Mark Bradley. I don’t want to give that bozo the satisfaction.

  • Props to MaconDawg for getting linked in a Gregg Doyel column! Or . . . condolences to MaconDawg for getting linked in a Gregg Doyel column? Well, dang, now I’m not sure how to react to this. . . . How ‘bout we go with . . . props to Gregg Doyel for getting linked at Dawg Sports! Yeah, that seems more like it. Anyway, good job, MaconDawg; thanks for all the fine work you do, and for not calling yourself "MaconDawgg."

  • C&F has previews of the Georgia-South Carolina and Georgia-LSU games. Given C&F’s Gamecock pedigree, his coverage is remarkably evenhanded and well worth a look.

  • Finally, Senator Blutarsky has a nice post up on the end of the Vince Dooley era. Personally, I’d declare that event to have occurred one game earlier, in the 1984 Citrus Bowl tie with the Florida State Seminoles, but he makes a good point.

In conclusion, permit me to state on behalf of all of us: I am ready for some football.

Go ‘Dawgs!