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The Joke Writes Itself. Again.

Sometimes writing for a sportsblog is just a matter of clicking on the right links. Nothing more, nothing less. Take for example:

The most exciting news out of Georgia Tech this year. (h/t: From The Rumble Seat and Rocky Top Talk).

Go ahead. Discuss. I beseech you, because life isn't going to serve up a softball quite like this for some time. Knock this puppy out of the park.

You might also feel free to speculate about the biggest news from freshman convocation at other schools. For example, I heard that Auburn is pleased that for the first time the literacy rate for incoming freshmen is over 30%. And Vanderbilt is pleased that for the first time over 30% of incoming freshmen are aware that their school has a football team.

Now 30% more ready for kickoff . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!