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On the Other Hand . . .

I've been as pessimistic as anyone leading into the 2009 football season, but, for those inclined to look for hope, I am able to offer at least a word of encouragement; viz.:

Orson Charles was among the hottest prospects who inked national letters of intent last February. In the end, three schools were in the running for his services.

One was the Florida Gators, who threaten to become the country's marquee program with a third national title in four years. Orson Charles broke their national championship trophy with his butt.

Another contender was the USC Trojans, who have been the most consistently elite program of the 21st century. Their national championship trophy, too, took an untoward tumble.

Orson Charles ended up with the Georgia Bulldogs.

If going after Orson Charles and failing to get him means your national championship pedigree comes crashing down---literally---then is it really so outlandish to suppose that landing Orson Charles means you're bound for the promised land?

I'm still forecasting a down year . . . but, to those of you who have higher hopes, I say: keep hoping, Bulldog Nation, keep hoping.

Go 'Dawgs!