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A Sure Sign That College Football Season Is Almost Here

At about midday on Saturday, I was out mowing the front yard while wearing my 2005 SEC championship cap when the mailman letter carrier postal worker person who delivers my mail drove up to my mailbox, got out of her vehicle, and flagged me down as she walked my way.

She needed me to sign for a letter, which I did. It was from Athens. As soon as the civil servant making her appointed rounds drove away, I rushed into the house and opened up the envelope . . . and there they were.

My tickets to the Oklahoma State game had arrived.

I knew the Hartman Fund point cutoffs, and I knew I hadn’t gotten a refund check, so I knew I had gotten the tickets I ordered, but it wasn’t real until I had them in my hand.

I haven’t been to an away game in a number of years . . . since before becoming a father, as a matter of fact. That makes this kind of a big deal.

I don’t have high hopes for the 2009 season, or even for this particular game, but I couldn’t be more thrilled that college football season is almost here.

Go ‘Dawgs!