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Late Night Dawg Bites: Orson Swindle/Yankee Stadium/Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx Edition

The season is almost upon us and the steady rush of events is starting to pick up steam as we move inexorably forward towards the glorious vortex of college football season. Accordingly, you may have missed a datum or two, so here are a few points well worth your time to ponder:

  • If you can keep your head while all about you are losing theirs, you probably need to check your e-mail. This certainly was the case for me on Wednesday morning, when MaconDawg gave me a call at the office to say, "Did you know that Orson Swindle is joining SB Nation?" In point of fact, I had not known that---I still need to get caught up on my e-mail, by the way---but it turns out it’s true, so welcome, Spencer Hall! (For the record, I believe he was the blogger to be named later in the Matt Hinton trade.)

  • While I was on the phone with him, MaconDawg (who is, as if you didn’t know, a veritable font of information) told me that maybe, just maybe, the Bulldogs might arrange a home-and-home with the Army Black Knights for a decade or so down the road. The intriguing part about this is the fact that the likely venue for the away game is Yankee Stadium. While MaconDawg justifiably is worried about losing the ability to ridicule Notre Dame for scheduling the Coast Guard Academy, I like the return to past practices. Back in the day, Georgia played a number of games at major league baseball stadiums, including contests against the NYU Violets in Yankee Stadium in the 1930s.

  • To his credit, Year2 was able to remove his orange-and-blue-colored glasses and acknowledge the excessiveness of the Tim Tebow media fawning, but he still thinks we should set partisanship aside and enjoy the final season in one of the great collegiate careers we have ever seen from a football player. In January, I’m going to acknowledge that Year2 is absolutely right and express my regret that I didn’t listen to him when I could and should have. In the meantime, though, I’m going to hope he fumbles every snap and gets sacked on every play. No, I don’t want the kid to get hurt, but I’m rooting for a "senior slump."

  • Although Paul Westerdawg beat me to the punch, it bears repeating that the Sports Illustrated cover jinx is alive and well and is now living, inter alia, in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Evidently, this is the first time the Oklahoma St. Cowboys have been unlucky enough to make the front cover of the magazine, which means they are well and truly doomed. This, by the way, brings us to our pertinent poll question, which is posited below.

Just for what it’s worth, I promised knowshon loves legos I’d address the latest developments on the ESPN/SEC deal, which should be forthcoming by the weekend. Stay tuned, and, in the meantime, keep up the great work over in the fanposts.

Go ‘Dawgs!