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Free Form Friday. It's a Numbers Game.

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It's college football's offseason. That's not my problem. It's not your problem. It's our problem. And collective problems call for collective solutions.

Thus we present Free Form Friday. Until further notice, I'll spend Fridays posting a vaguely organized compendium of non-sequiturs, pop culture observations and college sports miscellany which you may discuss in the comments, or ignore in favor of your own topics. Think of it as your weekend open comment thread.

#1. That's the number of the choice Lindsey Lohan was to play the part that ultimately went to Heather Graham in the movie The Hangover (hat tip, Doug Gillett). That will be an interesting bit of trivia in a few years, though I don't know that it would have made the movie any more or less funny. As it is the movie was profane, sophomoric, and positively hysterical. I'd recommend you see it before it leaves the theaters. Just don't take your mother. Unless, you know, she's cool like that.

#35. The number worn by former Bulldog walk-on turned hobnail-booted hero Verron Haynes, the winner of our recent poll asking for your favorite walk-on turned scholarship player of the Mark Richt era. While things haven't gone terribly well for Haynes recently, I'll never forget a) obviously, watching him slip into the endzone for that catch against Tennessee in 2001 or b) watching him run over, around and through Ole Miss and Georgia Tech for a combined 399 yards on the road in back to back weeks later that same season. It was the first time I'd seen a Georgia tailback that dominant in quite some time. I'm not sure any Georgia tailback (yes, even Knownshon Moreno) has put together two consecutive games of pure unstoppability like that since.

17. The number of returning starters Coach Bobby Johnson has at Vanderbilt from last year's Music City Bowl-winning squad. I'm not saying that's enough to win the SEC East, but it's not insignificant, either. Having experience at significant positions can make the difference between 6-6 and 8-4, which at Vanderbilt might get Johnson halfway to having a street named after him. Assuming they find steady quarterback play and replace D.J. Moore in the secondary, I predict the 'Dores won't be an easy out this season.

2. The number of SEC Head Coaches who didn't vote for Tim Tebow for 1st Team All-SEC quarterback. Urban Meyer didn't because you can't vote for your own players. So who was the other guy? Was it General Peachfuzz? Maybe. But as everybody who's ever played Clue knows, the first suspect is never the real murderer. Bobby Petrino? He seems like the kind of guy who would do that. But the lone non-Tebow vote went to Arkansas's Ryan Mallett, who Petrino couldn't vote for. No, I think I have an idea who a) might be less than impressed with Timmy based on his recent experience and b) would want someone else, say Jevan Snead, to get that particular accolade:


Hey, Snippy Longstockings! The first down marker's that way!!!

You may now begin the ceremonial imbibing of the "Tebow will use this for motivation" meme. Of course there's also the possibility that Dark Richt stole Mark Richt's ballot and nominated Mallett at quarterback, Seymour Dix at wide receiver, Ben Dover at center, and Justin Case at safety.

#49. The jersey number worn by fullback Shaun Chapas. I thought this time last year that I would be worried right now about Chapas assuming the top spot from Brannan Southerland this season. But after his performance last year, I'm not sure there's an offensive performer whom I am less worried about going into 2009. And in honor of half of our Mutt and Jeff combo, a little James Gang:

Until tomorrow . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!