Richt vs. Meyer for years to come?!

Although it isn't the first time he has responded to the unfounded rumor that he is eventually headed to South Bend, Urban Meyer again reiterated that he's going to be in Gainesville for a while. As Coach Richt appears to be a long-timer in Athens, we could be witnessing the early stages of one of the great coaching rivalries in college football. The last 2 games have even provided a little spice to the annual showdown.

Although Meyer is sometimes thought of as an arrogant jerk and Richt as boring, UF and UGA are both lucky to have coaches who appear committed to their respective programs for the long haul. And why shouldn't they be? Those programs are clearly two of the best in the country. I don't think Notre Dame or Miami (where Richt's name is sometimes associated) are even in the same ballpark right now.

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