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SB Nation Goes to the Hawgs.

Confession time. I often feel a slight twinge of guilt for not properly linking to other blogs around SB Nation. I mean, there are somewhere in the neighborhood of seven thousand good ones, and that's just in the realm of college sports. And on any given day most of them put out solid content that we'd all do well to read. The problem is that doing so would require about 12 hours a day of concentrated study. So, I usually just keep my head down and concentrate on writing for this site. In fact, I didn't even realize there was a new college sports blog on the network until Orson Swindle clued me in to it.

So to tamp down my guilt and to lighten your Tuesday, I'd like to note that SB Nation now has an Arkansas blog, Arkansas Expats, and they have a funny look at 10 other ways the NCAA could have punished Alabama for Textbookgate '09. One that didn't make the list? Require Andre Smith to attend all future letterman's club events. Shirtless.

If you're keeping score, this brings the total of SEC blogs on SB Nation to 12 (including the estimable Team Speed Kills), and means that we're one Vanderbilt blog away from a complete set. Surely one of you 'Dores has nothing better to do after reading this month's issue of Brandy Aficionado, right? At any rate, welcome to our new Hog callin' brethren.


Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!