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The Hottest Football Prospect for the Class of 2011?

While the Georgia coaches have been out scouring the nation for the best players to add to their roster, they may not have ranged as far as the folks at They're the ones who are following the recruitment of Adler Football Club (Berlin, Germany) RB/CB Duplicate Duplicate.

We don't have nearly enough 5'7, 155 pound German cornerbacks, so I'm hoping he chooses us over Alabama, Florida and Miami. That way I could interview young Duplicate (or "Double Dupe" as he's probably known to his teammates") as part of my continuing search for a German phrase to replace schadenfreude in my blogging lexicon. The early leader is derfaupinmeyerbluten, which I'm told means "to laugh uncontrollably at Urban Meyer's haircut." I'm sure Dupey and I could do better.

When the worlds of computer programming and college football recruiting collide, hilarity is just bound to ensue, right? Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go watch some film of Munchie Legaux, who while not a Berlin Adler Eagle (yes, it's a real football club, no it doesn't appear that they have a tailback named Duplicate) is most assuredly real. I know because Da Coach O already dropped off his scholarship offer for 2011. And if Da Coach O believes in Munchie, then I guess I do too. Until the folks at Rivals take down Double Dupe's profile . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!