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One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Erk

First, I joined the National Football Foundation. As soon as my membership application was approved, I wrote a letter to the Foundation’s Irving, Tex., headquarters requesting information on the nomination and election process for the College Football Hall of Fame.

On Monday, I received a prompt and cordial reply via e-mail from the Foundation’s director of special projects, who provided me with copies of the Hall’s criteria and procedure guide, an official nomination form, and the timeline for choosing the members of the 2010 induction class. Nominations for next year’s class are due on December 11, 2009.

With minor changes in wording which are stylistic (e.g., "FBS" instead of "Division I-A") rather than substantive, the process is the same as the one outlined on the Foundation’s website. Certain basic biographical information is required and those Foundation members placing candidates’ names into nomination are encouraged to "attach any articles and statistical/supplemental information that you believe would be beneficial for your nominee’s candidacy."

Oh, I am so all over that.

Stay tuned.