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What My Toddler Has to Say About the Georgia Bulldogs' Chances in the 2009 Football Season

It has long been established that my son, Thomas, is a mojo savant who perceives unconsciously and relates enigmatically how events are going to unfold for the Georgia Bulldogs. I have known this about him since at least 2005, when Thomas was an only child.

As the following photograph attests, Thomas is now an older brother:

It appears that Thomas’s talent may not be unique to him. Recently, my wife, Susan, offered our daughter, Elizabeth, a handful of fruit snacks. Elizabeth, who is a little over 15 months old, toddled over to Susan and peered into her mother’s palm, where she saw an assortment of red and orange gummy treats.

Instinctively, Elizabeth took the red ones and knocked the orange ones onto the floor.

So I’m thinking there’s a chance . . .

Go ‘Dawgs!