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Bloodied But Unbowed: Erk Russell's Long March to the College Football Hall of Fame

The first phase of my nefarious righteous plot to have Erk Russell enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame has reached its successful conclusion.

In yesterday’s mail delivery, I received from the National Football Foundation a welcoming letter containing my membership card and offering a friendly reminder that "[y]our membership will also allow you to vote for the very same Hall of Famers that will be enshrined every August."

As you know, nominations to the College Football Hall of Fame may be made by any dues-paying member of the National Football Foundation. Since I now fall into that category, the next step is for me to delve into the nomination and election process in greater depth than that which is offered on the Foundation’s website.

Then comes phase three . . . the campaign to convince the proper authorities that Coach Russell ought to be eligible and ought to be admitted. It is open to debate whether I am the proper person to undertake such acts of persuasion, given the ways in which I am failing to win friends and the fact that my ability to influence people so far has ten per cent of the readers of this site agreeing with me, but a man of Coach Russell’s caliber deserves nothing less than our best effort.

Stay tuned.