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First, The Good News . . .

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There's a rumor floating around these parts that bad football news of the team rule violation variety may be on the way. So, preemptively, I'd just like to point out that the new NCAA APR numbers are out, and the Georgia football team was tops in the SEC (Vanderbilt was second), and tied with Penn State among teams in last season's final top 25. The women's basketball team was also tops in the SEC ahead of the Lady Commodores.

Oh, and in schadenfreude news, Georgia Tech will be losing 2 scholarships in basketball for underperformance (they've in fact already pulled those 2 out of circulation, because Paul Hewitt is always thinking ahead that way). I'm not sure how we did so well whilst recruiting nothing but thugs too dumb to get into Georgia Tech. If only we could get some smart, motivated young entrepreneurs like Reuben Houston. Until the other shoe drops . . .

Go 'Dawgs!