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It Ain't Lookin' Good For the Home Team: Where the Diamond Dogs Now Stand

Before I began garnering so much attention, I asked (hopefully) whether the Diamond Dogs were running on empty. Since that time, hope largely has been lost. Here, for those who can handle it, is the tale of the tape, through Sunday afternoon’s baseball outings:

  • Georgia is 14-10 in S.E.C. play, which puts the Red and Black in sixth place in the league, behind Florida, L.S.U., and Ole Miss (all 16-8) and also behind Alabama and Arkansas (both 14-9).

  • Georgia is 33-15 overall, which puts the Classic City Canines behind L.S.U. and Ole Miss (both 36-13) and Florida (34-14).

  • Georgia has lost six games in a row. This is the longest active losing streak in the league.

  • Georgia is 2-8 in the Bulldogs’ last ten games. This ties the Red and Black with two of the three worst teams in the conference, Auburn and Mississippi State, for the league’s worst record over that span.

  • Georgia is 9-9 against top 25 teams, which puts the Diamond Dogs behind L.S.U. (8-4) and Ole Miss (7-6) and ties the Red and Black with Florida.

  • Georgia is 6-3 against division opponents, which puts the Athenians behind Florida (10-2) and L.S.U. (9-3) and ties the Bulldogs with Ole Miss.

  • Georgia has lost ten home games. Only Auburn (19-12), Kentucky (16-11), and Tennessee (18-15) have more losses in their own park, and the Plainsmen, Wildcats, and Volunteers are three of the four worst teams in the conference.

  • The lone positive note for Georgia is that the Red and Black are 13-5 away from Foley Field. This gives the Diamond Dogs the best road record in the S.E.C.

So we’ve got that going for us. . . .

Go ‘Dawgs!