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Tallahassee Regional Game Day Open Comment Thread

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Today, unfortunately, could be the final day of the 2009 baseball season for the Diamond Dogs, so I wanted to open up a comment thread, one which I hope will last through two games (and two victories) . . . but we shall see.

Your thoughts, reflections, reactions, and observations go in the comments below. If you want to follow the action and don’t get ESPNU, you can go to the interactive bracket, click on the Tallahassee Regional, and click on game five. (My thanks go out to Team Speed Kills for calling my attention to this feature.)

One thing you’ll notice with the interactive bracket is the list of teams that already have been eliminated: Alabama, Bethune-Cookman, Cal Poly, Dartmouth, Fresno State, George Mason, Georgia Southern, Georgia State, Indiana, Marist, Monmouth, Sam Houston State, Southern, Texas State, Wichita State, and Wright State. So far, this has not been the tournament of the upstart, the upset, the underdog, or the plucky little guy, so at least we’ll be spared the constant commentary about Steve Detwiler’s dadgum thumb.

By the way, lest we forget, this is what’s on the line for Georgia today:

Go ‘Dawgs!