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S.E.C. Baseball Tournament Update (Day Two)

After Wednesday’s upset-palooza, things settled down a bit in Hoover on Thursday, when the higher-seeded teams won three of four games.

The one exception was in last night’s late game, in which No. 8 Vanderbilt edged No. 5 South Carolina by a run. The Commodores, like the Diamond Dogs, get today off, and Georgia will face the winner of the Louisiana State-South Carolina game.

The Pelican State Panthers square off with the Palmetto State Poultry at 7:30 this evening and the Classic City Canines will be awaiting the victor at 2:30 Saturday afternoon. Obviously, my preference would be for the top two seeds to be eliminated today, but, either way, the rest can’t help but be good for the Red and Black.

Enjoy your day off, gentlemen. Smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em. (Only not really. What Major Briggs told his son, Bobby, about varsity athletes smoking in "Twin Peaks" was correct, even if he was a bit too harsh in his method of getting that point across.)

As always, stay tuned to Team Speed Kills for tournament updates.

Go ‘Dawgs!