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Why the Georgia Bulldogs Should Be Glad That the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Are National Championship Contenders

Although Senator Blutarsky beat me to the punch, I wanted to comment on this recent passage from David Hale’s weblog:

No, they didn't win the ACC Championship last year, and no, they didn't appear in a January bowl game, but the Yellow Jackets genuinely and sincerely believe they can make a run at a national championship next season. Sure, it's the focus of any college football team at this point in the year, but Georgia Tech has been talking about setting its sights on Pasadena in the moments after their New Year's Eve bowl loss, and the team really seems to believe it.

This should be music to a Bulldog fan’s ears and every one of us should be talking up Georgia Tech as a national championship contender. Here’s why:

Neither Peach State program wins a national championship when it’s supposed to do so. Georgia wasn’t ranked in the top 15 in either major preseason poll heading into the 1980 campaign and Georgia Tech wasn’t in the top 25 at the outset of the 1990 season.

However, the Bulldogs were the A.P. preseason No. 10 team in 2000, in which the Red and Black were expected to contend, and we all know where the ‘Dawgs were ranked heading into last autumn. Both of those Georgia teams suffered embarrassing losses to the Ramblin’ Wreck at home to put exclamation points at the end of what already were disheartening seasons.

In 2001, by contrast, Georgia Tech was the A.P. preseason No. 10 team and great things were expected of the Golden Tornado. The Jackets turned out not to be contenders and they ended the season by losing to Georgia at home.

This year’s edition of clean old-fashioned hate will take place in Atlanta.

So, by all means, Bulldog Nation, let’s climb on board the bandwagon and begin touting Georgia Tech as a national championship contender! If you’re a Georgia blogger and you vote in the BlogPoll, be sure to put the Yellow Jackets in your top ten! Step right up and deliver that kiss of death to our in-state rivals like Michael did to Fredo in Cuba on New Year’s Eve! (You know about New Year’s Eve, don’t you, Yellow Jacket fans? That’s when y’all are busy losing the Peach Bowl.)

Tell ‘em how great they are over at the Flats. Let ‘em know just how much rarefied air they’re breathing by winning one in a row. Build ‘em up, so we can tear ‘em down. As we learned the hard way last year, the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Go ‘Dawgs!