Two Quarterbacks?

After reading Bill King's column about whether or not we should think about using Logan Gray to spell Joe Cox this year, I began thinking about the possibilities.  Obviously, we all remember this from Greene and Shockley, but I do think it would be interesting to see it with Mike Bobo calling the plays instead of Mark Richt.  I would like to see Gray come in and make a play or two with his feet.  Nothing against Joe Cox, but much like David Greene, he's no Prefontaine.

Looking at the situation, I think it's very similar to our former pseudo-dual quarterback system.  A starter who is known to be very accurate and has a veteran's knowledge of the playbook, but unfortunately does not have the footspeed to add another dimension to his game, coupled with a backup with a fairly good arm, not so great accuracy, but the wonderful moniker of "dual-threat".

Certainly, this could go either way, and I'm sure we will see it used atleast once this season.  However, I also think it opens up a great opportunity to run a wild(dawg) formation.  We could bring in Gray for a presumable change of pace, then string him out wide and put any one of our stable of runningbacks in the backfield.  I'm not normally high on this formation, but I think it would be nice to see Richard Samuel get the ball directly and bust some heads, or have Carlton Thomas squirming around like Jacquizz Rogers.  Thoughts?

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