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Good Friday Night Dawg Bites: Baseball Game Postponed, Bloggerpalooza Cancelled, and Kyle Wants to Throw Up

You probably noticed this already, but there have been a couple of changes to the schedule that warrant your attention. In my defense, I warned you that I’d be pretty jammed up this week!

Friday night’s baseball game between Georgia and Kentucky has been rained out and a doubleheader has been scheduled for Saturday. This concerns me greatly, because the Diamond Dogs haven’t fared so well in previously postponed games.

Also, many of you who plan to attend G-Day rather than watch it on television undoubtedly are wondering whether Bloggerpalooza will convene for the fourth straight year. As it turns out, Doug Gillett is in Columbus for his mother’s 60th birthday and I have a few other demands upon my time, as well, so I’ll be making a whirlwind trip to the Classic City. In short, while you may feel free to hunt for me in Sanford Stadium tomorrow, we’re taking a year off from our traditional pre-spring scrimmage tailgate.

Finally, this is neither here nor there, but Vince Dooley recently received the Auburn Alumni Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award. I don’t know whether to congratulate Coach Dooley or vomit. I guess I’ll split the difference and say (a) good for you, Vince, and (b) I hate Auburn.

Go ‘Dawgs!