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What Sportscaster Has Redeemed Himself In Your Eyes?

Not long ago, an old friend of mine mentioned in an e-mail that, over the years, his opinion of Brent Musburger had changed for the better. I had to agree; I used to find Musburger pompous and off-putting, in the way that Howard Cosell was. He came across to me as a guy who thought he was too good to be slumming in a football broadcast, which rubbed me the wrong way.

I don’t know whether Musburger has lightened up or I have, but I have come to like him as a college football announcer. He now seems to be enjoying what he does, which is always a plus; I know it’s his job, but the rest of us are being entertained by it, so he shouldn’t act like it’s drudgery. Now that he’s learned to laugh a little, including laughing at himself and his own tics, it’s a much more pleasant experience listening to Brent Musburger calling a game live!

What about you? Of what sports broadcaster---it can be a play-by-play man, color guy, sideline reporter, investigative journalist, or anchorman---has your opinion changed for the better, and why? Be forewarned: while I welcome the free exchange of all views, I reserve the right to ban summarily anyone who speaks well of Thom Brenneman.

Go ‘Dawgs!